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“I love the soul that is your voice”
—Maya Angelou


My top ten jazz albums of 2017

Singing at Small’s NYC

Dec 9, 2017 Found this video lying around the interwebs. Such fun singing with these cats.

Jazz’s glass ceiling

Changing the Tune, by Carolyn Glenn Brewer

Oct 17, 2017 I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Carolyn Glenn Brewer, author of Changing The Tune: The Kansas City Women's Jazz Festival. You can listen to it over on her website.

Jammin’ for Jayme

Interview with KC Cares

Aug 14, 2017KC Cares and I talk about the Charlie Parker Celebration this month. You can listen in over at the KC Cares podcast page.

Review of Live at Pilgrim Chapel

July 20, 2017JAM Magazine’s June/July issue has a very flattering review of Live at Pilgrim Chapel. Roger Atkinson writes:

David seems to own hip tunes like “Sugar” and “Moanin,’” as well as the R&B classics like “Please Send Me Someone to Love” and “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby” (which opens with a bit of “Hit the Road Jack.”) He proves to be a fine storyteller (as a good blues singer needs to be) on “Tangled Up in Blue.” He can deliver in the Sinatra style, as he does on “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. And when it is time to lay it all on the line, he drains you with “My Funny Valentine,” the climax of the set, the one that gets the room standing. It takes a close musical partnership to succeed in this setting. David and Joe have that kind of rapport. This is a very enjoyable recording, easily recommended to their many fans and those who enjoy the more intimate side of the music.

The full review is on page 25.

Interview in Kansas City Spaces magazine

July 20, 2017Kansas City Spaces magazine and I sat down for a nice little chat. The interview is on page 50 of the June/July issue.

My top ten jazz albums of 2016

Feb 28, 2017This is the former Track 10 at Union Station in Kansas City. 40,000 people a day used to pass through this train station. Now it’s a relic, used for special events and to house a Science Museum. Here’s to high-speed rail reviving our anemic economy. In honor of Track 10, here are my top 10 jazz album picks of 2016:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Jan 16, 2017It’s jazz three meals a day at my house. Moving into our 5th year of producing the largest single amount of weekly broadcast material for Public Radio Exchange, I am humbled by the sheer volume of recorded music that pours through my home studio.

Review of the Basse/Cartwright septet

Dec 24, 2016On one of the coldest nights in years, jazz lovers braved the weather to make it out to the Polsky Theatre at JCCC for the second installment in the new Winterlude Jazz Series. The goal of Winterlude is to bring some of the best of Kansas City jazz and world music to audiences, and David Basse and Joe Cartwright, walking encyclopedias of Kansas City’s rich jazz history, were a natural fit.

This concert, entitled My Kansas City, featured music related to and about Kansas City. Some of the charts were hard to place, but that is where Basse’s charm and expertise comes in to play– he knows exactly which artists played the charts, where and when, and more likely than not, he was in the audience when it happened. Most audience members were fans of the two syndicated NPR programs that Basse and Cartwright are associated with, 12th Street Jump and Jazz with David Basse. There was an air of comfort and familiarity, as if we were all just meeting up at a family gathering, hearing tales from older generations…

Full article

New CD! Live at Pilgrim Chapel

If anyone embodies the sound and spirit of Kansas City, it’s Joe Cartwright and David Basse. Together and separately, the duo has become known over the past 40 years to represent a jazz musical tradition that began over a century ago. Former Pilgrim Center Board member Kaye Johnson approached David and Joe about performing in Pilgrim Chapel. It seemed a natural place for the two to record a CD. Joe and his wife, Jan, were married in the chapel, the room has a great feel, and the recording would be simple –Joe on a keyboard and David’s vocals. Bob Walkenhorst, Kansas City-based singer, songwriter, musician and painter, recorded the show. Reverend Roger Coleman, recently retired director of the chapel, watched it all come together.

Live at Pilgrim Chapel has been released in the KC area, with a national/global release to come soon. You can purchase the CD at CD Baby, and digital downloads are available on Amazon.

Mass,  PA and NYC

May 23, 2016What a terrific time we all had on the Bass & Basse Do Basie and Beyond East Coast Tour. Thanks to all who helped to make it happen and for all those who came out and joined us. We’ll see you soon!


May 23, 2016Vince Giordano’s movie There’s a Future in the Past premiered in Kansas City in April. What an honor to sing with his Nighthawks at Iguana, in Midtown Manhattan.

The forbidden zone 

Feb 24, 2016Looks like I shouldn’t have ordered that third beer…

You say you need a drummer? 

Feb 9, 2016Drummer Jason Slote, setting the mics for drummer Todd Strait and his KPR recording with Deborah Brown. Photo by drummer David Basse. The hour will be re-broadcast at 9:06 pm Thursday, February 11. You can hear it over at Kansas Public Radio. As drummer Jake Hanna once said, “So many drummers, so little time…”

Jazz with David Basse’s Top 10 of 2015

Union Station Track 10

Jan 5, 2016This is the former Track 10 at Union Station in Kansas City. 40,000 people a day used to pass through this train station. Now it’s a relic, used for special events and to house a Science Museum. Here’s to high-speed rail reviving our anemic economy. In honor of Track 10, here are my top 10 jazz album picks of 2015:

Wise words for 2016

“Nothing is worth more than this day” –Goethe

Jan 3, 2016It’s the perfect time of year to take a step back and remember what’s really important. Here’s to a fantastic 2016 to all of you.

Recording the Ozarks way

Dec 25, 2015The Jazz with David Basse roving studio lands in lovely Jasper, Arkansas. Taking a cue from the practical, no-nonsense locals, a strategically placed umbrella mellows out the acoustics. In a pinch, a warm volcano burger from The Ozark Cafe will also work.

Everyone needs soul. Even vegans.

Nov 10, 2015Looking forward to the show with the Dave Bass Trio at the North Coast Brewing Co. on Saturday. Wandering the streets of Oakland we came across this jazz-loving vegan soul food place. Is “vegan soul food” an oxymoron? We’re about to find out.

Laying it down?

Nov 3, 2015The David Basse & Joe Cartwright Septet honored Sarah and Landon Rowland with a rooftop re-enactment of Erroll Garner's famous Concert by the Sea. The guys were red-hot once again, the recording of the event sounds great, and we’re thinking of turning it into a hard-swingin’ CD. Stay tuned…

New Jazz with David Basse  programming clock

Nov 2, 2015We’ve made a few changes to the Jazz with David Basse programming clock. Segment names are different, and Joe Cartwright’s fantastic piano beds are given the attention they deserve. You can view/download the full PDF here.

Phil’s front porch

Oct 27, 2015Just stumbled upon this photo from 2003. This is one of my favorite places: Delaware Water Gap, PA, and we were taking a break from recording Mike Melvoin's "It's Always You" and my own album "Uptown". Pictured are left to right back row, bassist Steve Gilmore, pianist Mike Melvoin, Phil. Front row drummer Bill Goodwin, yours truly and the great Los Angeles recording engineer Hank Cicalo.

Phil Woods was such a terrific player. During our session, he referred to me as a “MF”, which I’m told is actually a quite a compliment. In that case, Mr Woods, same right back at you. You will be missed.

It’s not just brains they’re after

Oct 25, 2015You know Halloween is approaching when you wake up to find your trash has been ransacked and your aunt’s old sewing machine hauled off by a lumbering herd of zombies. Probably needing to sew up all those open wounds. Be safe out there.

Rolling along

Sep 9, 2015Full steam ahead with Jazz with David Basse! My producer, Joe Cartwright, and I are extremely proud of the work we’ve done so far and are very busy putting together countless hours of great music for jazz lovers and jazz newbies alike. 

Welcome, WJAB!

A big welcome to WJAB in Huntsville, Alabama, who are the latest station to jump aboard the Jazz with David Basse train. It’s great to have you here, and let us know how we can make this the best jazz show in America.

Digging in at The Blue Room

Photo: Alyce Heskett Kay

Members of the David Basse & Joe Cartwright Septet swinging hard. David, with Steven Martin on saxophone, Nate Nall on trumpet and Seth Lee on bass.

Discs, discs and more discs

57 of 80 rows of discs for Jazz with David Basse. Almost there…

2015 Charlie Parker Celebration

Day one of ten days of celebrating Charlie Parker. Long live modern jazz...

Jazz Tokyo comes to KC

Back in the late 90s Yoko Takemura came to visit the Kansas City jazz scene. She took a load of photos, including one of yours truly! She’ll be back for the Charlie Parker festival this month and has written an article about us over at Jazz Tokyo. It’s in Japanese, but the old photos don’t need subtitles.

Yeah, well, sometimes new tech is pretty cool, too

Just got some shiny new gear that's going to make producing Jazz with David Basse a whole lot easier. This little thing is my new studio-away-from-the-studio!

Jazz with David Basse  is on the air!

Packaged neat and tidy like Christmas presents, this is what four hours of Jazz with David Basse looks like.

Old school technology

They tell me there are these things called spreadsheets and databases, but the good old-fashioned Post-It note is all this jazz DJ needs.

Mr. Stinky Feet

Had a ball at Smoky Hill River Festival. Jim Cosgrove, alias Mr. Stinky Feet played the children’s stage. We found a percussion installation close by, chased the kids away and played with that for a while.

Vacations can really wear a guy out

After a week off camping with friends, David returns to Broadway Jazz Club to record another action-packed installment of Public Radio’s 12th Street Jump.

Of marbles and taxes

We had a great time digging into the wacky history of my soon-to-be-new home. Read the whole fascinating story about the Vidricksens and their talented kids over on the Paris of the Plains blog.


12th Street Jump – Mar

Live recording of 12th Street Jump, public radio’s jazz, blues and comedy jam. This week’s episode celebrates the birthday of Billy Holliday with our special guest Nedra Dixon, and the show will be aired on over a hundred stations around the country. Come and be a part of it live!

Wednesday, Mar 28 at 7:30 pm
The Black Dolphin
(Next door to The Green Lady Lounge)
1813 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO


David Basse & Jim Lower’s Big Band

Come on over and enjoy some great music From Jim Lower’s 18-piece big band in the Saloon at Californos in Westport.

Every Tuesday
at Californos
4124 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, MO
Sets at 7:00 & 8:30
Doors open at 5:30
Suggested donation $20



Have a Good Time! with Mark Winkler

In the rarefied world of Male Jazz Singers, Mark Winkler and David Basse have become dear friends. Join them as they make a too infrequent joint appearance at The E-Spot in Studio City, CA on Sat. Oct 1, 2016. David has recorded quite few songs of Mark’s on his recent CDs, and Mark has sung with David in New York and in Kansas City, where Mark appeared with him on his radio show and at his NPR jam 12th Street Jump. They share a love of good songs, swing and havin’ a good time!

They will each sing their own songs – and a few duets. Mark will be previewing many new songs for an upcoming CD and Downbeat 4 star reviewed Jazz and Other Four Letter Words – and David will be doing songs off The Hero and the Lover and David Basse, Joe Cartwright – Live at Pilgrim Chapel

Piano, Peter Smith
Bass, Gabe Davis
Drums, Dave Tull
Sax, Ann Patterson

Saturday, Oct 1 at 8:00 pm
at E Spot Lounge
4349 Tujunga Avenue
Studio City, CA

Bass & Basse Do Basie – and Beyond

The great Count Basie said, “If you play a tune and a person don’t tap their feet, don’t play the tune.” He could have just as easily been referring to Dave Bass and David Basse. Each artist’s music causes countless toes to tap, and now, performing together, they present a night of the Count’s music, their own tunes…and beyond.

May 19Narrows Center for the ArtsFall River, MAMay 20Shapeshifter Lab (with the Anthony Smith Quintet)Brooklyn, NYMay 21Deer Head InnDelaware Water Gap, PA

Live at Pilgrim Chapel: CD release concert!

Live at Pilgrim Chapel CD cover

Joe Cartwright and I will celebrate the release of our new CD, Live at Pilgrim Chapel with a concert at – where else? – Kansas City’s historic Pilgrim Chapel.

Sun, Feb 21, 3–5 pm
Pilgrim Chapel
3801 Gilham Road
Kansas City, MO

Bass & Basse at the North Coast Brewing Co.
Fort Bragg, CA

It’s not a typo! See David Basse and the terrific Dave Bass Trio at the finest jazz venue on the North Coast.

Saturday, November 14, 6:30 pm
444 North Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA

North Coast Brewing Co.

Colonial Fox Theatre
Pittsburg, KS

Come hear David and the Joe Cartwright Trio as they perform in support of the preservation and restoration of the Colonial Fox.

Sep 26, 7:30 pm
Colonial Fox Theatre
Ironwoods 407 N. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS

The Blue Room
Kansas City, MO

Part of the Charlie Parker Celebration August 21-29. Come hear the David Basse & Joe Cartwright Septet play some of the hottest, swingin’est jazz anywhere in one of KC’s premier jazz clubs.

August 22, 2015 at 8:30 pm
The Blue Room
1600 E. 18th St.
Kansas City, MO

The Blue Room

The Cutting Room
New York City

The arts are booming in Kansas City. Vocalist David Basse has been at the forefront of the jazz and blues scene for years, while Gerald Trimble has been a leading figure on the celtic and folk scene there. The two diverse leaders now assemble a quartet of New York’s finest to join them at Manhattan’s Cutting Room.

July 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm
The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St
New York City

The Cutting Room

Dazzle Jazz Club
Denver, CO

Kansas City is in the midst of a cultural renaissance. For the first time in years, young musicians are making their way to Kansas City for an education, to experience a happening scene and to perhaps stay in KC and sample the nightlife of jazz. Vocalist David Basse and pianist Joe Cartwright have been at the forefront of the KC jazz community for over 20 years, and have assembled the best of five younger players to add to the band at Dazzle in Denver. Don't miss this swingin' seven piece ensemble that harkens back to the glory days of Kansas City without being retro.

June 16, 2015 at 7:00 pm
Dazzle Jazz Club
930 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO

Dazzle Jazz